Terms of use

  1. Definitions
    1. Cookies. Data file that is stored in the computer hard drive or electronic device of a user when navigating in a specific Internet web site, which allows the interchange of state information between that web site and the user's browser. The information stored in the cookie can identify a user's session, authentication or preferences, as well as any data stored by the browser with respect to the web site.
    2. Application: Kind of computer program designed as a tool that lets a user do one or many types of work.
    3. Information. All data that the user can enter into the system, including but not limited to personal data or information used by the application that the user is running.
    4. User. Person that uses the services offered in this site as anonymous (guest user) or not anonymous (registered user).

  2. About user registration
    1. In order to have access to the services offered in this site, a registration is required. The registration process is done by the user itself, therefore, there are no users in this site that were not registered without their approval.
    2. To identify a user, an email address is used. In case that this email address had changed, it is the user's responsibility to notify the change so that the information is properly modified or canceled.

  3. About private information
    1. New security measures are constantly been implemented to guarantee the privacy of the information, however, for security reasons, information considered sensitive (for example: credit card numbers, physical addresses, etc.) is not registered. If the user enters this kind of information into the system, he/she is responsible that this information could be exposed in the case of an information attack to the site.
    2. Private information that the user enters must be limited to personal data or third party information with personal purposes. It is prohibited to use this site to share information with other users that is considered illegal or to store software, music, pornography, information about drugs or any other kind of information that is considered illicit or for illegal purposes.

  4. Security
    1. To register into this site, the user must confirm via email the authenticity of the email address provided.
    2. In the case of forgotten or lost password, the user can request a confirmation code to the email registered. Because of this, the user is responsible to maintain the privacy of its email address, otherwise, a third person could take control of his information.

  5. Service availabilty
    1. We are not responsible of eventual failure in the service that might delay or deny access to the user's information.
    2. We are not responsible for data loss in case of failure in the servers where information is stored.
    3. Because of the number of users that use this system, it is possible that the response time in some cases might be compromised, the user accepts that this is a normal situation and also accepts the consequences or inconvenience derived from this.

  6. Technical support
    1. Technical support is provided attending the objective of providing quality service in all available applications as well as this web site.
    2. With the exception of users that have contracted a service, the response time to technical support request depends on the availability of our personnel, a response within the estimated time frame is not guaranteed.

  7. Service termination
    1. Any violation of the terms of use of this service will result in the automatic access termination to this site.
    2. At any time, the user has the right to request the termination of its service and deletion of all personal information in the support page of this site.
    3. When the user is removed from the system, all its private information will be permanently removed. This operation is irreversible.

  8. About future modifications to the terms of use
    1. In the case that modifications to this terms of use are made, the user will receive a notification to the email address provided when the user requested registration.
    2. Because the user has the responsibility to notify any change in its email address, this information is considered a valid point of contact to the user.